Elderly Home Care

  • Support Services for Aging Adults

Elderly services that involve a caregiver to come into the home are divided into two types of service.

Below are the two types of care giving services and some examples of what you can expect if receiving that type of service. The reimbursement rate is different for the two categories. A consumer’s plan for services can and usually does include both types of services.

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Long Term Home Care

Hands on assistance with all activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, etc. This incorporates all aspects of an individual’s life where they need direct care.

  • Provide light Housekeeping
  • Assist with Garbage
  • Assist with Laundry, Change Linens
  • Plan & Prepare meals, Clean up after eating
  • Make Beds
  • Dusting
  • Pickup Medications, Grocery List, Supplies
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Mark and Store Leftovers for future meals
  • Escort to Events

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Companion Care

Sitter service for more independent elderly persons who only need companionship and reminders to complete their daily needs.

  • Offer Companionship & Conversation
  • Monitor Weight, Eating & Diet
  • Assist in Routines: Food, Grocery Lists, Walking, etc.
  • Assist in Sending Mail & Writing Correspondence
  • Help with making Appointments
  • Interact and involve in mentally stimulating ways
  • Assist with Clothes Selection, Gardening, Appointments
  • Help in coordinating transportation
  • Assist in entertaining
  • Clip coupons for Savings
  • Provide Medication Reminders & Tracking systems
  • Play Games and Cards
  • Answer the door and screen visitors as requested
  • Read Religious materials
  • Assist in buying reading materials
  • Sort Pictures, Albums, Scrapbooks

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There are 3 methods of funding your services. Learn more about waiver funding, insurance and private pay.