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Southern Ingenuity, Inc. was established in 1991 to provide Louisiana citizens the most up to date information and hometown services. We specialize in Louisiana Medicaid, DHH, & Waiver Experts (NOW, LTPCS, CC and more) for Northwest Louisiana.

Daryn Clark

Founder, Owner, President
Daryn Clark
Daryn attended Northeast Louisiana University receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. Not long after receiving his graduate degree in 1986, Daryn experienced his first visit to a small Group Home for men with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Shreveport, LA. This visit changed his life forever. He felt a real calling to work within the service delivery systems established by Louisiana and supported by the Federal Government to help people stay in their community.

Between 1986 and 1991 he ran many Provider Agency programs both in Shreveport and in New Orleans. In 1991 he founded Southern Ingenuity, Inc. to become one of the first Waiver Providers in this state. Since 1991 he grew the company to serve more of Louisiana setting offices in Natchitoches, Homer, Shreveport, and the base office in New Orleans. The offices in Northern Louisiana flourish. The office in New Orleans was sadly decimated by Hurricane Katrina. Southern Ingenuity was key in helping over 60 families evacuate that terrible storm and the aftermath that followed.

Daryn and Southern Ingenuity, Inc. was the first Provider to be selected in the Federally Mandated Downsizing of Louisiana’s institutions in 1996. Consumer’s that had lived in the institution for over 40 years were now experiencing life in a real community through his company’s efforts. Daryn worked directly with the Federal Justice Department assuring the services of those in the institutions were transferable to their own home in the community. The first people out of Pinecrest Institution are still consumers of SI some 14 years later.

Southern Ingenuity sees the great need for help with the aging population, as with just a little assistance many people can stay home rather than going into a nursing home or other facility.

Daryn has been key in helping the Department of Health and Hospitals make important changes to the services in Louisiana. He was part of a diverse committee that was charged with getting a community based service system accepted by the Federal Government. He and Southern Ingenuity, Inc. were one of only three Providers on the 12 person committee.

Daryn is active outside of business raising a family, serving as Board Chair for his local private School Board, is an active Martial Arts instructor, assisted with the growth of an International Karate Hall of Fame, and is working hard to make a difference in the health of today’s adults and children through the promotion of exercise.

Daryn sees SI growing even in these tough times. He hopes this website will become a hub of information for people and providers that need up to date information on services in this state. The Resource Center within this website will be a great place for anyone to get the latest from the Government entities that control the services.

Management Team

Operations Director

Ellen ShepherdEllen Shepherd

Ellen has been a member of the Southern Ingenuity team since 1997 provides the kind of leadership necessary to maintain the high level of service that Southern Ingenuity provides. Her strong work ethic and dedication to her position with the company are invaluable. Ellen has the unique ability to balance the stringent regulations of this industry with the individual needs of our consumers in a way that honors and supports both worlds. Because of her commitment to SI, our consumers, and staff although the office hours are 9-5, Ellen is always on the job.

Human Resource Director

Tony AllenTony Allen

Tony has been with Southern Ingenuity since 2003. Tony’s position as HR Director places him front and center of insuring that the high quality of those employed by SI is maintained. His office is also responsible for monitoring and keeping up to date on the latest educational and training aspects of this industry. Tony’s expertise in his field and do a great job of not only matching the right staff with the specific physical needs of the consumer, he also considers the match on a holistic level.

Finance Director

Karen Shirey Karen Shirey

Karen became a member of the Southern Ingenuity team in 2004. The Finance Department is the heartbeat of SI. This office handles Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll as well as maintaining documentation backup for the services SI provides. Along with her assistant, Kathryn, Karen verifies that the Plans of Care for consumers are being followed as authorized.

Kathryn FinleyKathryn Finley

Kathryn came to SI in 2009, and along with Karen she verifies that the Plans of Care for consumers are being followed as authorized. The Finance Office is really where Operations and Human Resources come together with the final product being proven in measurable results, consumers getting the services they need and desire and staff being rewarded for their hard work.


Facilitators provide a critical link between Southern Ingenuity, those employed and those served by the company. Facilitators are the front line representatives of SI and often the face of SI to the staff and consumer. The importance of this position cannot be underestimated. Facilitators are called to be flexible, energetic and resourceful. Southern Ingenuity is fortunate to have facilitators who are dedicated to the best interests of the people we serve. They are also responsible for the direct supervision of the support staff. This requires a great deal of skill in time management, self motivation and a sincere desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

Southern Ingenuity’s Core Beliefs

Tree Core

  • SI will assure timeliness of each consumer’s planning, delivery, and documenting of services are timely. Consumer, Family, and Employee lives are less complicated when timeliness is holistically embraced. Employees being on time, paperwork being on time, consumers being on time for appointments are glimpses into the nature and importance of timeliness. Lives for all are less complicated when timeliness is accentuated
  • Listening to all people involved in the individual’s life is critical. The consumer, family, SI support team and SI administration must listen to all involved in the consumer’s life. When there is differing of opinion regarding the care to be provided the Consumers voice will carry the greatest weight in the decisions being made and directions being taken.
  • Not every individual has equal communication skills. Consumer must be heard regardless of how they communicate. SI will work tirelessly to assist those with communication challenges to have their opinions and voice be heard.
  • SI requires and reinforces an honest relationship between the company, its employees’, all outside agencies, and SI’s consumers. Lives are fare less complicated and consumers experience much greater success when honesty from all is expected and is the norm. Be honest in all your works with Southern Ingenuity.
  • Knowing that persons can only live in the community by successfully being great stewards of the funds they have and receive, SI will assure that consumer’s served work diligently towards assuring all financial requirements they have within their home and community are met. Simple examples are rent and taxes. There are a plethora of other financial issues that guidance may be required and SI will provide supports to assure positive outcomes in the consumer’s financial life.
  • Mediocre services and employees does not drive SI. Great services require great supervisors, great direct line workers, and great communication. At SI employees will be GREAT or will be asked to step down. Be Great or Be Gone.


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